Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 – Prowl

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 – Prowl

I never really got the whole “weapons on the roof” thing for the Autobots… this never happened in the show.

While transforming, I recommend special notice here. These pieces are made with plastic parts. Over time clear plastic becomes brittle much faster than regular plastic. So these might become an issue over time. Particularly since they have hinges.

Not too crazy about these pegs sticking out so much either.

The manual refers to Prowl’s rifle as a “semi-automatic rifle” when I really recall it being called an Acid-pellet gun back in the day.

Shoulder cannons.

Prowl weighs 135 Grams

While Sideswipe weighs 132 Grams

I’ll do a proper group shot when we have all of the Nissan Fairlady Z mold Autobots.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl Coin

Coolest line ever uttered by Prowl :

“ I’ve got the plan, if all of you’ve got the cast-iron manifolds for it.” – G1, The Ultimate Doom part 1.


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