Transformers Masterpiece MP-18+ Streak (Toon Colors Bluestreak)

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-18+ Streak (Toon Colors Bluestreak)

Sigh, the paint locked in the joint that was supposed to be foldable so you can mount the rifle onto the vehicle mode. It’s really stuck in there and I didn’t want to force it in case the hinge joint might break. Oh well..

The most talkative Autobot is back! This time, the set comes with effects parts, a new head with alternate faces, retooled Electro Bolt launchers and a cartoon accurate color scheme!

For the first time, blast effects parts are included in a Masterpiece release! Interesting.

The whole figure has been repainted in matte finish. I gotta say it looks great!

The head has been redesigned and now optional facial expressions are added into the package.

Open mouth (yelling?)

Wise-cracking Bluestreak

Electro Bolt launchers

The effects parts really make the piece come alive.

Disperser Rifle

Comparison with original MP-18

The Electro Bolt launchers have also been retooled on the + version, making them seem bigger and are actually easier to extend out.

The coin… er.. pin! They made the collector coin into a pin this time around as the Asia Market exclusive item for this MP release.

This release marks the fifth Autobot to get a cartoon accurate retool/redeco (Sideswipe, Red Alert, Prowl, Wheeljack came before) and with Smokescreen coming up, that makes six. I wonder if they’ll revisit the other molds (Ironhide, Ratchet, Inferno, Grapple, Tracks, Sunstreaker) as well? Though I can’t see how much better they can make them in terms of show accuracy looks.


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