Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus

Impressive, Magnus stands almost a foot tall (counting the shoulders) and weighs over 1 Kilo! (1023 Grams).

Super Blaster Gun

Shoulder missile

Doesn’t really fire but I like the G1 throwback design. .

Lol.. ironically, Magnus does NOT come with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Gaaah. Blame Rodimus. .

“Borrowing” the Matrix from MP10 Optimus Prime. .

Hands for specifically holding the matrix and “screaming” face.

“Dammit open!”

Hmm.. I wish they gave us a full “white Prime” face here.

Spike and Daniel

Sigh… I wish they painted the faces.

Vehicle mode

Surprisingly the front cab can be removed!

Lol… oh well, at least if his body gets destroyed, Ultra Magnus can still get away with just his head.

With the humans.

Autobot Commanders.

Given how fragile Rodimus’ joints are, I decided not to transform him for this shoot. .

How Ultra Magnus died in the Japanese TF Headmasters.

Wait… he didn’t turn grey?? lol… .



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