Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber

These accessories come in a plastic baggie that’s packed at the bottom of the tray.

Brain Master Saber

Hehe, he sure is small…

Good detailing on the c0ckpit interior

Brain on! .

Saber looks really good….

The only downside is the lack of hip joints, so posing him can be a bit awkward.

Impressively, he’s as big as the other Autobots.


Star Saber’s helmet is attached via a “clothes pin” .


Star Saber’s shield becomes his vehicle mode’s display base.


Star Saber!

I think this is the first time we’re getting an MP with an ab crunch joint? Pretty cool. It doesn’t really bend far but at least it’s there. .


Saber Laser

Just like in the cartoons and G1 toy, his blade is sheathed in his backpack here.

Optional “extra long” handle, too bad the figure lack’s the proper joints to hold the sword with both hands.

Big blade (for Star Saber) and small blade (for Saber). It’s a shame the tips are blunted, would’ve been nice if they were a bit sharper, like Soul of Chogokins.

When transforming, note the release buttons located on V-Star’s back and Star Saber’s lower legs.

Remember to flip these vents when transforming, it helps make it look more accurate. .

With the other Masterpiece Autobot Commanders! .

…. Man, I really wish they go back and redo Rodimus Prime….

You can screw around and slap Ultra Magnus’ cab into the V-star for fun.

Saber weighs 138 Grams

Star Saber weighs 861 Grams

Star Saber is roughly 13.75″ inches tall, counting the tallest point on his shoulders.

Diecast parts include
-The thruster nozzles on this chest.
-Shoulder “cannons”
-All the little thruster nozzles in vehicle mode

The Coin


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