Transformers Masterpiece MP-25L Loud Pedal

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-25L Loud Pedal

The set comes with an optional sticker design for the hood, featuring “CS” which is a throwback to the original Diaclone sticker. This time around, Takara gave the CS a meaning and it stands for Cymond’s Shadow, Loud Pedal’s musician alter-ego (he loves music a lot apparently).

Hood lifts up.

Loud Pedal comes with a “holomatter avatar”, which is a redeco of Raoul, who came with Masterpiece Tracks. The color scheme for the avatar is based on Raoul’s look in the episode “Auto-bop” (his color scheme with MP Tracks is based on the episode “Make Tracks”, yeah that’s right, Raoul appeared in the show twice!)

Likewise, a redeco of Blaster in Boom box mode (which also came with MP Tracks) as “Sound Warrior” is included.

You can actually squeeze Sound Warrior into the windshield (as shown in the manual) but it’s a pain to do so I don’t really recommend it.

The set comes with a flight stand for Loud Pedal. This flight stand came with Tracks as well, but not with Road Rage for some reason.

You can also use the mass-driver rifle to attach to the stand, just flip over the gun handle to reveal the peg and plug it into the underside of Loud Pedal.

Hypersonic cutter attachment.

Robot mode

Based on the Diaclone color scheme for Tracks, this guy is actually a Decepticon, he usually hangs out with Exhaust (the Decepticon redeco of Wheeljack).

Mass-driver rifle.

You can also plug the flight stand into the robot mode.

Covette Stingrays.

I originally planned to skip the Diaclone MP repaints, but they seem to be growing on me. I eventually backtracked them. I’ll probably just group them together with Delta Magnus (including Loud Pedal and Exhaust) as they all look good together. I’ll do a proper Diaclone team groupshot once my Bluestreak comes in.

Since this is a Tokyo Toy Show 2016 (and later a Takaratomy Mall) Exclusive, this figure does not come with any coin (those were exclusive offerings for the Asian markets and not meant for sale in Japan)


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