Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Hot Rodimus

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Hot Rodimus

Nice G1 homage here.

I was hoping Daniel (that came with MP Ultra Magnus) could ride inside, but it looks like it’s iffy, plus the canopy doesn’t open like it does in the movie.

The chosen one

Photon Lasers

Can also be equiped in vehicle mode.

You can also lift up the engine to reveal another port for the guns on the hood, another homage to the toy.

Saw blade

The lenses for his visor fold out like so. I like it better this way, the one on Rodimus Prime was a mess.

With Daniel (this figure came with MP Ultra Magnus)

Na-na-nananana fishing! (insert The Simpsons reference here).

Group shots.

D’oh! Admittedly I did group shots first before doing individual pics and didn’t realize I missed a step in the transformation (shoulders). Apologies.

With MP Ultra Magnus

With DX9 Carry and Takara Tomy MP-09 Rodimus Prime.

I didn’t bother transforming Rodimus into car mode due to fragility issues. Just take my word for it that he’s bigger than Hot Rod even in vehicle form. 😉

With the DX9 Carry (Third Party company Rodimus). Yeah, Carry’s still going to be my default Rodimus Prime until Takara produces a better MP Rodimus.

With MP 10 Optimus Prime

The proper-scaled Matrix that fits in Hot Rod is the one that comes with MP10 Optimus. The one that comes with MP-09 Rodimus Prime is way too small for Hot Rod’s chest slot.

Light Our Darkest Hour!

The young Autobot Cavalier

The Coin


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