Transformers Masterpiece MP-33 Inferno

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-33 Inferno

In fire truck mode, there’s a gimmick here – a working “hydraulic” anchor for the truck mode.

Water cannon

The figure comes with “water spray” effects parts.

The water cannon nozzle can be positioned either on top of the ladder or inside it.

When transforming Inferno, remember to push out these sections of his thighs to the side.

The original Autobot firefighter (before we got Hot Spot).

I love this design idea, you can swap his hand for the arm barrel. This is only present in the right arm.

The “water spray” effects can be attached in robot mode as well.

Inferno comes with 2 wrist communicators.

Extinguisher rifle

Inferno also comes with the robotic fire hose used by big-game hunter Lord Chumley to trap Inferno in the episode “Prime Target”.

Inferno comes with 2 sets of heads and 4 face plates. The rounder heads are from the earlier character animation models while the sharper-edged design is based off from later episodes and resembles the G1 toy more closely.

To remove the heads, it’s easier to just shift the whole head out of the big collar.

Inferno comes with 3 sets of chest plates and 2 sets of arm barrels, the shiny chromed versions are meant to capture the look of the G1 toy, while the painted, off-white versions closely resemble the character animation model.

Animation style!

With his partner, Red Alert

Takara included this little alternate chest piece so you can properly pose Inferno holding up his buddy from the episode Auto Berserk.

Red Alert fits really well.

Animation accurate colors?

Inferno is big and heavy, he’s taller than the regular Autobots and weighs about 311 Grams and stands roughly 9 inches tall.

If you’re having some trouble transforming Inferno back into truck mode (I sure did), here’s what the inside of the cab should look like, hope this helps. The head is supposed to go in as far back as it can in order for everything to fit in properly.

Instead of the usual coin, Takara decided to include Pewter figures now for the Asia Market release. Off the bat we get Optimus Prime as #1.

Another solid release. I’m really excited for Grapple and Artfire coming later this year. At this rate I hope we will have all the G1 characters complete one day.


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