Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor

When you first take him out of the tray remember to extend the beast mode neck a bit. It comes collapsed and gives the beast mode a weird, disproportioned look otherwise.

Cheetor comes with alternate heads in beast mode.

All 3 heads can open their jaws.

I really hate the peg sticking out here, I wish they made the peg collapsible instead of always sticking out.

I’ve never really been a Cheetor fan, the only character I liked in Beast Wars was Optimus Primal.

That said, the transformation for this guy is very impressive. It’s a huge leap forward compared to the old Henkei figure and don’t get me started on the terrible original Beast Wars Cheetor.

Cheetor comes with 2 spare faceplates too, happy(?) and surprised (he seems to get surprised a lot, seeing as how both of his modes have “surprised” faces).

There’s also some light piping in the head for the eyes, which is something we rarely see in the MP line (I think this is a first?).

Cheetor comes with 2 different weapons. Laser Shot A and Laser Shot B.

Laser Shot A.

It still sort of freaks me out that his rifle has fleshy parts on it. It’s especially gross when you consider it comes from his belly. Eww..

Laser Shot B

Both weapons can be mounted on his back in robot mode.

Overall not bad, the engineering is very impressive and the figure captures the look of Cheetor in both modes. Too bad there’s no diecast here though. Dinobot has been announced for the MP line and I wonder if we’ll see the full crew of the Axalon at some point down the line.

The pewter statue
Starting with MP-33 Inferno, Takara switched to pewter statues as the Asia-market exclusive freebie item instead of the usual collectible coin. MP-34 comes with Optimus Primal.


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