Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple

Interestingly, Grapple’s front windshield as a protective film over it. I wonder why?

If you’re having trouble putting Grapple back into vehicle mode (like me), this is how the feet should line up.

Similar to Inferno, you can deploy the “hydraulic anchor” for vehicle accuracy when the crane is in use.

You can swap out the hook and attach the grapple or the bucket attachments (as seen in the episode “Auto Berserk”).

As with other MP Autobots, you can attach the rifle in vehicle mode.

(Note: I realized I mistransformed Grapple’s feet with the “heel” not foled in, I’ll try to update this later on when I get back to this guy for Artfire).

The Autobot Architect, Grapple. I think he had more appearances than his “twin” Inferno. They even had an episode dedicated to him (“The Master Builders”).

His left arm hides the wrist barrel weapon (right arm doesn’t have anything except for the hand).

You can opt to swap around the parts for either the “vintage toy” look or the “cartoon-accurate” look.

“Vintage toy” look. Funfact, in the episode “Auto Berserk” we actually do see this look for Grapple since his appearance in the episode was based on an outdated animation model, which was based on the G1 toy, for the character.

The face plates without “lines” on the cheeks are for the “vintage-toy design” head.

Grapple comes with his arc-welder rifle weapon.

Despite having a barrel for an optional left hand, I don’t recall him ever actually firing anything from the barrel in the show.

Takara included a blueprint for Grapple’s Solar Tower.

You gotta appreciate a guy who loves his job.

It’s pretty darn sweet Takara included the replica of the Solar Tower for the toy.

They also included the “tool” Grapple used to make the model Solar Tower. It can only be held with the right hand though.

The Solar Tower model replica.

The center piece can be removed.

Takara really still impresses with their MP releases. These toys really capture the essence of the G1 characters and all those little “extras” just push it even further. I hope they do make all the Season 1 and 2 characters before the line ends for whatever reason.

Now to hope Takara makes his buddy, Hoist.

The pewter statue .Starting with MP-33 Inferno, Takara switched to pewter statues as the Asia-market exclusive freebie item instead of the usual collectible coin. MP-35 comes with Ultra Magnus.


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