Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron

When they first teased this figure getting an updated version, it seemed like such a long shot, what with how hard it was back in the day for MP-05 to be allowed to be sold in some parts of the world. But here it is, better than ever.

I’m really impressed with how they did this figure, he looks really good from any front angle (the hollow part on his back could use some sort of filler though). It’s like Megatron walked out of the TV screen. An incredible job by the Takara engineering team.

I love the fact that they gave us 3 optional faces to play around with, it really adds new dimensions to the toy.

Swapping out the faces gives us a look at his “exposed” internals. This is based on his “reformatting” scene from the 1986 Transformer movie.

Megatron also comes with swappable chest plates, to demostrate battle damage (like from the 1986 movie).

Adjustable ankle joints.

Impressively, Megatron’s hands have double jointed fingers. Although the 2nd to 4th fingers are fused together. Still, it’s cool that he can point his index finger, better than Optimus anyway.

Laser dagger (note: yeah, I totally forgot to take out Meg’s fusion cannon for this shot. Oh well)

Headgear – for controlling the fake Optimus Prime from the Episode “A Prime Problem”.

Key to Vector Sigma (made of diecast)

Nuclear charged fusion cannon.

I love the fact that they thought of making the cannon mount on a pivotable plate. That way, it doesn’t get in the way of some poses.

One thing I’m not too crazy about is when you pose Megatron using the fusion cannon, you can see the Decepticon logo for the gun mode. I wish there was a way to make it seem less obvious.

The fusion cannon also houses electronics. Put in 2x LR44 batteries and you can set the sound you want with the red switch up top. From “off” to cannon sound effects to Japanese audio clips of Megatron’s phrases, However, he sounds like he’s underwater but that’s how he really sounded in the Japanese broadcasts back in the day, blame poor Japanese audio synthesizers I guess.

Sadly, the fusion cannon does not light up. I think I would’ve preferred light over sound effects.

In the episode “Heavy Metal War” Megatron uses the cannon on his back to fire a “Null Ray” shot at Optimus Prime. The toy recreates it perfectly.

Energy Mace.

To equip the mace, just slide out Megatron’s wrist and put the mace connector in.

Alternately you can equip this jointed “chain” for the mace so you can recreate Megatron battling Optimus Prime atop Sherman dam.

Blaster. After a years of combat, from using a fusion cannon to grand schemes of destruction, it only took this tiny pistol to bring down the great Optimus Prime. Guess it’s just one of those things that make you go hmm..

Gun parts + fusion cannon – this is actually a homage to one of the modes in the original G1 toy. Pretty cool they decided to add this in.

“Telescopic Laser Cannon”

Another cool gimmick is that all the extra gun parts combine with Megatron’s fusion cannon to form a “particle beam cannon” weapons emplacement.

Another gimmick here is addition of the gun stock serving as a flight stand.

You have to push the grey button to fold out the connector for Megatron.

Connecting this thing is a huuuuuge pain, get ready to sweat bullets trying to connect Megatron here, and sweat some more when trying to exert the right amount of force to pop the connector free. I wouldn’t want to do it more than once. I wish they simplified the connection process. It’s too hard to do without worrying about breaking something.

In fairness though, the stand does a really good job making Megs look all cool in flight mode.

Walther P-38 pistol mode

In this mode, the whole thing spans about roughly 28″ long.

There seems to be an issue with connecting the attachment for the barrel. The interior connector piece is too big. Forcing the connection all the way will ruin Megatron’s gun muzzle.

I strongly recommend not forcing the connection and just letting the attachment go only this deep to prevent damaging the toy.

Megatron’s diecast parts include
-Certain parts on his back (? not entirely sure here)
-The base of the “flight stand”

Comparison with MP-05 Megatron

MP-36 Megatron stands roughly 9.5″ tall (10″ if you count the tip of the barrel on his back).

The weigh-in:
MP-05 – 576 Grams
MP-36 – 435 Grams

Comparison with MP-10 Optimus Prime

The coin

“I would’ve waited an eternity for this. It’s over, Prime”


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