Transformers Masterpiece Mp-39+ Spinout

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Transformers Masterpiece Mp-39+ Spinout

The set features a “Diaclone” style sticker sheet if you want to dress Spinout up all retro-ish.

Opening gull-wing doors and front hood.

Like Sunstreaker and Cordon, his headlights can be popped up by pushing the panels underneath.

Since the transformation sometimes rubs against the clips for the side-view mirrors, spare ones are included in case anything breaks or gets lost.

Secret “Tail Gun”.

Like his mold-mates, Spinout’s electronic propulsion engine can be flipped over and hidden, to show a more “classic” Countach look.

Originally hailing from the Diaclone dimension, Spinout was a previously an ordinary non-sentient mech that required a human pilot. He was later accidentally transported to the dimension of the Transformers, given a Spark and gains self-awareness. Spinout still remembers his previous life and is fiercely loyal to humans. He can be brash and hot-headed, usually causing problems for his teammates. Spin-out usually feels more comfortable being given orders by humans than fellow Autobots.

Spinout is redeco of Masterpiece Cordon and is based on the original Diaclone CR-01 figure from way back before the “Transformers” brand was a thing. This was supposed to be Sunstreaker’s original color scheme before Hasbro decided to paint him yellow instead of red.

Cordon comes with his “Heavy Laser Cannon”, an homage to the original Diaclone toy, Spinout’s right hand can be folded down to expose an attachment point to equip the heavy laser cannon accessory (I always thought it was a missile back then).

N.C. Beam rifle

Beam rifle can be mounted on his back.

Lastly, like Sunstreaker and Cordon, he comes with a little concealed weapon that can be stored in his lower legs, the “Spinzer Gun”.

With his mold-mate, Cordon.

With Sunstreaker.

Accessories (Sunstreaker gets the most here, extra faces too).

Overall, fairly decent. While it is a retool/redeco of amazingly cool Sunstreaker/ Cordon design, sadly nothing really new has been added and the figure can be considered “passable” for some, since he was never really part of G1 canon. I actually just picked this up for what it represents, which is numerically the first figure in the original Diaclone lineup (CR-01), but personally, I’m more partial to Cordon since I’m a sucker for police-related car robot figures (plus he’s got a more tragic backstory). I’ll probably lump him (and Cordon) alongside my “misfit” grouping with Delta Magnus and the rest.

Collectible pin


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