Transformers Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker

IMPORTANT NOTE The set comes with spare side view mirrors, and for good reason, be extremely careful when you transform Sunstreaker back in to vehicle mode. You might accidentally break the clips on the default side view mirrors (almost happened to me, good thing I didn’t force it). Make sure the clips are pushed all the way down so that there is clearance when you unfold the car windows out for vehicle mode.

A lot of cool features here, opening hood, doors, even pop up headlights?? It’s amazing!

It’s amazing that they thought of everything for this guy, even the ability to “hide” his “electronic propulsion engine” by folding into the car, making it a bit more realistic to the Lamborghini Countach LP500S.

You can also fold down the default tail lights to show the more traditional tailights.

Last but not least, they even recreated the “Anti-Aircraft laser cannon” from the More Than Meets the Eye pilot episode. Very nicely done Takara.

Chip Chase

Chip’s wheelchair wheels do not roll.

Yeah, I bet the ladies go wild whenever they see Chip Chase ride up in this bad boy.

For those lost, this is how his arms should look like when returning to vehicle mode.

Man… Sunstreaker, I can’t believe he’s finally here. I’ve been dying to see how Takara would execute the design for this toy if they ever made him and wow, did the deliver! Everything you could think of they included with the toy, the engineering is incredible and some parts just feel so intuitive, yet it comes out so dynamic and complex, it really is an incredible figure. Easily the best Masterpiece by far for me, in terms of engineering and design.

He comes with 2 alternate face plates (open mouth and smiling.

He comes with his trusty Flare Gun

Flare Gun can be mounted on his back.

I am really impressed he can do this pose, I don’t think any other MPs can do it this flawlessly?

In the G1 bios, Sunstreaker is described as a sociopath (one who has no empathy or regard for others), he is arrogant and vain and can really get on the nerves of his fellow Autobots. Optimus Prime keeps him around due to his impressive skills in combat.

As a bonus, they also included his Electron Pulse gun, which can be stored inside his leg.

Last but not least, they also included an Evil Alien Robot mask accessory, from the Episode “Hoist Goes Hollywood”.

I hope they somehow make a mask for Tracks too, to complete the Evil Alien Robot duo.

Uh… head on?

Ehh.. close enough.

I guess even sociopaths have soft spots for the disabled?

With his brother, Sideswipe (MP-12+ version)

Interestingly, in one 1987 article, Sideswipe was called the older brother of Red Alert, leading some to believe that Sideswipe, Red Alert, and Sunstreaker are actually triplets.



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