Transformers Masterpiece MP-48 Lio Convoy

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-48 Lio Convoy

You can open up his lion mouth by lifting up his head.

Proper position of everything in beast mode.

Deployable Lion Claws

Lio Beam and Lio Missile can be deployed in beast mode by folding the mane parts out.

Lio Convoy

The heroic, gentle, soft-spoken leader of the Maximal Space Patrol in Beast Wars II. Lio Convoy is actually one of the more popular “Post G1” Cybertron Commanders, even returning in Beast Wars Neo Anime to help save the day.

The headsculpt is really amazing on this figure IMHO.

I also really love the poseability of this figure and it’s all thanks to this hidden mid-torso joint.

Lio Convoy stands roughly 8.5 inches tall and weighs 220 Grams. He unfortunately doesn’t have any diecast.

Make sure to deploy his heel properly in bot mode so he stands better.

A part of me wishes they painted his chest emblem in shiny chrome, instead of just matte gray.

Ankle tilt (of sorts) is present.

Deployable leg nozzles for vertical lift.

lol… For some reason, the series “bumper”(that image before and after commercials) always featured the back of Lio Convoy’s head.

Lio Convoy’s attacks

Cybertron Buster rifle

Lio Viewt

Lio Missile

Lio Beam

Lion Typhoon

Lion Claw

Be mindful, as the claw tips are actually REALLY sharp!

Energon Matrix

Holder parts (for holding spare missiles)

Collectible pin (Asia market exclusive)

Overall, a very good Transformers Masterpiece figure! I originally planned to skip this since the SRP was just really high and I was just over being sore at the poor quality execution on the MP Beast Wars Megatron. I eventually came across a very good price for it and just gave in. Lucky I did. The figure is really nice, as long as you ignore the messy-looking lion mode (there’s no fixing that I think, short of extremely expensive engineering). The robot mode features a lot of nice nods to the Anime and is really fun to pose.

My only worry is that later on the white plastic will eventually yellow, as it’s not painted but molded white plastic. Oh well…


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