Transformers Masterpiece Mp-51 Arcee

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Transformers Masterpiece Mp-51 Arcee

Good tooling on the dashboard and steering wheel.

Crusher attachment clips on her right side (I don’t think it can be attached on the left side?)

Her weapons can be mounted on her vehicle mode.

Her pistol requires the holster to mount though.

Alternately, her pistol can also be pegged underneath the front of the vehicle mode.

The only female Autobot featured in the Transformers 1986 movie, Arcee played more as a big sister to Daniel Witwicky in the film rather than a love interest for any of the other Autobots.

Her feet are, surprisingly, made of diecast. This helps to balance her huge backpack. A first for an MP Car Robot scale figure.

Sigh… the infamous low chest plate. I really don’t know why they couldn’t do this piece better. It’s not as if it will affect transformation or cause drag in the vehicle mode (based on folks who 3D printed their own plate anyway).

The Takara design team decided to forego screen accuracy a bit at her hips here and went to a more stylized design, giving her a more “arched” back and feminine shape.

I gotta give props for the headsculpt, the wide eyes kinda grow on you after a while.

Alternate face plates.

Just like in the movie, she has a deployable visor.

“Kup and Hotrod are still outside the city!”

Her weapons can also be mounted on her robot mode.

She comes with a blaster.

I guess one good thing about her low chest, it helps with poses like this.

Her pistol features an attachable effects part.

She also comes with a smaller side arm.

lol… her “puny” weapon comes with a huge effects part. A la Men in Black’s “Noisy Cricket”?


Lastly, she comes with a huge rifle, I honestly can’t recall her ever using this in the cartoons? I’m sure she didn’t have such a large rifle in the movie.

Like all of her other weapons, this too, comes with an effects part.

With MP-28 Hot Rodimus

With Fans Toys Rouge.

“No, you’d better stay close to me.”

Overall, it’s near perfect! I love the poseability on this figure and she does look great (with the exception of the odd-looking low chest), and Takara actually used diecast parts for once on a “Car Robot-sized” figure. I was originally thinking of skipping this in favor of the Fans Toys Rogue, but I’m glad I got her, since she looks really, really good with her weapons drawn.

Admittedly though, I’ll probably still use Rogue for my ’86 group poses since Rogue still scales better with her fellow FT figures, while The MP-51 will keep MP-28 Hotrod company on another shelf.

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