Transformers Masterpiece MP-53+ Senator Crosscut

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-53+ Senator Crosscut

So his name is Senatorcrosscut?

Just like Skids, all of his doors in vehicle mode, plus the hood, can open up.

Engine detail under the hood.

Just like in the original Honda City R, a motocompo bike called the “Clutch Drone” is included.

The Clutch Drone is a redeco of Reboost’s Component X. Though this one is lacking the Holomatter Avatar driver accessory.

In the event of Crosscut falling in battle to the Decepticons, his data and memories can be immediately downloaded into Clutch for a quick getaway so that he can be rebuilt.

The motocompo’s handlebars can be folded into the seat so that the entire bike can be loaded in the hatchback trunk of the Honda City R.

Crosscut’s weapons can also be loaded into the back of the vehicle mode. The Electro-Magnetic Pulse Emitter can be folded up and pegged into the mounting slot, same with the Twin Vertigo-Gun. Unfortunately, like Skids, the Stun Grenade launcher has nowhere to peg into, so it just rattles around inside.

Robot mode

The lone surviving member of Cybertron’s fallen Senate, Crosscut was elected into position near the end of Cybertron’s peaceful age, escaping the corruption that had long-plagued the high council which had played a part of the cause in the rise of the Decepticons. Fluent in over 230 Earth languages and 6300 alien languages, Crosscut puts his talents to good use, establishing diplomacy with various civilizations, whenever he can, for the Autobot cause.

The figure is a redeco of MP-56 Reboost.

Though he only uses violence as a last resort, the good Senator does come with several weapons at this disposal, which can be attached to hardpoints on his forearms.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Emitter

Twin Vertigo-Gun

Stun Grenade launcher

Similar to the rest of his weaponry, the Stun Grenade only incapacitates its targets, never killing them.

The “grenade” can be removed from the launcher.

With his personal bodyguard, MP-26 Road Rage.

During diplomatic missions, Crosscut never carries any weapons. He instead entrusts his safety to his bodyguard and confidant, Road Rage. Smart and steadfast, She never fails in her duty to protect her charge and close friend.

Overall, a very nice redeco of Masterpiece Reboost. I like the silver paint on this figure and the overall presentation works better than it did with MP Skids in both modes. I don’t know if it’s just because of the lighter color? We’ll see once we get a hold of the dark-colored Reboost redeco, Masterpiece Burnout.


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