Transformers Masterpiece MP-53+B Dia Burnout

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-53+B Dia Burnout

Since the character is from the Diaclone era of figures, Takara Tomy didn’t put down the Autobot faction tampo by default, they instead included an optional sticker set for you to use in case you wanted to. It even has the Generation 2 Autobot logo for folks who want to include Burnout in that lineup instead.

Openable hood, doors and trunk hatch.

Engine detail.

No dashboard and interior details.

Like her mold mates, her weapons can all be stored in the trunk of the alt mode.

Motocomp bike

Just like the real thing, the Motocomp bike’s handlebars can be folded up and the whole bike loaded into the trunk of the vehicle mode.

The set features a “ghost pilot” figure, named “Dia Cinders”. It’s a translucent reuse of the Carly figure from the MP-44 Optimus Prime set. The figure is a PAIN to pose since it easily falls apart due to the use of ball joints. Simply raising the arms is enough to pop them out. Sigh…

The figure scales well enough with the Motocomp…

….. but, dang… it scales horribly with Burnout.

Lol… posing her to ride inside the vehicle mode was a chore, only to realize you can’t get her head in properly thanks to the huge beam in the center. Never mind…

Determined, stoic and stubborn to a fault, Burn Out doesn’t know when to quit, often putting her at odds with her fellow Autobots.

The figure is a redeco retool of Masterpiece Skids, featuring a new head.

I gotta say, I think this is the best version of the Skids group, from the deco to the head design. Makes me kind of wish this was Skids instead.

Burn Out comes with quite the load out. Carrying all the weapons that were only available as 2 or three pieces from her mold mates. She is the only one that has all four weapons to choose from. While she does come with four weapons, sadly, she can only equip two at a time.

Pulse Rifle (from Reboost)

Turbo Cannon (from Skids)

Double Laser Caster (from Skids)

Concussion Leveler w/ missile (from Reboost)

Overall, a pretty good retool. This figure was Skid’s original Diaclone color scheme before it was modified for the original Transformers toyline, so it is a nice homage to that. Plus, Takara made a new head sculpt for the toy (I was half expecting them to just redeco Crosscut like they did in the Legacy line and call it a day, thankfully not).

Lol.. I can’t believe Takara really did do four redecos for this mold (the most mold redeco done so far in the MP line is four), we’re now only missing the fifth variation of Skids from the original Diaclone line (a darker red/ red-orange one?). I wonder if they’ll eventually make that one too?


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