Transformers Masterpiece MP-54 Reboost

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-54 Reboost

“Honda City R” logo license plates.

Front hood opens up to reveal the engine.

Likewise, the doors can be swung open and the hatchback can also open up.

The set comes with a “Holomatter Avatar” driver (a clear recast MP-44 Spike). It’s terribly out of scale when placed next to the vehicle mode though. I think the larger Spike from MP Hound would be a better fit for a figure to place next to this guy in vehicle mode.

Holomatter Avatar/ hologram driver can ride inside the vehicle.

As a throwback to the real world Honda City R, this unit comes with the motocompo scooter that was an optional add-on when you bought the car back in the day in Japan, here it’s called called “Component X”. MP Skids did not come with this add-on.

The Holomatter Avatar driver can ride the bike as well. Do note that the bike wheels do NOT roll and are molded solidly in place.

The handlebars on the motocompo scooter can be folded down into the seat for storage mmode.

Just like in the vintage Honda City R, the motocompo can be loaded onto the hatchback trunk of the vehicle.

Alternately, Reboost’s weapons can also be loaded onto the trunk of the vehicle. However, like Skids, only Double Laser Gauntlet can be mounted in place, the rest are just kinda thrown in, so they do have a tendency to rattle around.

Transforming Reboost back into vehicle form can be a bit confusing, particularly with regards to his arms. Note the orientation here to get it right.

A member of the Autobot Citadel Guardians, Reboost is assigned to help protect Autobot City. Outgoing and friendly, Reboost engages in a lot of hobbies. Reboost is also able to split his consciousness with his Component X drone, letting it run interference while he gets the mission done.

The figure is a retool of MP-53 Skids. While it does not come with any diecast parts (like Skids), it does have the soft-ratcheted hip joints that also came with Skids.

For armaments, Reboost comes with Double Laser Gauntlet and Laser Gun.

Same with Skids, to close the hood down, you’ll have to push it down hard until you hear a click, this means the hood has locked into place. I missed this on my first go around so most of my photos might show a small gap for the hood area.

While his Dual Laser Gauntlet is mounted on his right arm, his Laser Gun is usually mounted on the left.

Thanks to the design of his forearms, his weapons can also be tabbed on the side of his forearms as well.

Reboost also comes with a third weapon, his Rocket Pod launcher, complete with a removable rocket.

As a bonus skill for this character, Reboost has the unique “Boost Key” ability. He can use this to charge up the life force of any living entity nearby, be it mechanical or organic, temporarily giving them increased power and even regenerative abilities. Regeneration, however, is dependent of Reboost’s knowledge of what components were lost, so there is some limitation as to this power’s uses.

With MP-53 Skids

Overall, a really nice Masterpiece figure. While this guy never really appeared in the original G1 cartoon series, he was heavily considered at one point (as evidenced by early 1985 promotional material). I love the design and colors on this thing more than Skids actually, plus the added motocompo scooter and Holomatter Avatar are just great additions to the accessories of this figure. Best of all, it’s not too pricey for a Masterpiece, compared to Arcee and Hound.


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