Transformers Masterpiece MP-56 Trailbreaker

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-56 Trailbreaker

You just gotta love the big “Toyota” logo stamped across the Hilux mode’s back.

The hatchback, hood and doors all can be opened up.

Too bad there’s hardly any space to fit Spike in there.

The chromed front grill can be pushed down and removed, so you can replace it with a “cartoon-accurate” matte finish alternate grill.

You can also opt to fold in the “sideview mirrors” in order to properly recreate the cartoon look.

The set also comes with Trailbreaker’s “parabolic antenna” as seen in the second episode of “More than Meets the Eye”.

You attach the Antenna by lifting up this panel on the cab’s roof which reveals a port.

As the Autobot’s “defensive strategist”, Trailbreaker is in charge of crafting defense plans for the Autobots during protection missions. One of the more likeable Autobots thanks to his good humor and friendly demeanor, Trailbreaker actually suffers from an inferiority complex due to his lack of speed and heavy Energon requirements in the battlefield. He prefers to wait behind at Autobot headquarters than actively participate in missions that take him far away.

Trailbreaker stands roughly 8.5 inches and weighs 196 Grams.

While the figure does have some heft to it, there are NO DIECAST parts, unfortunately.

If you look at the figure straight on, you’ll see a gap sticking out above the car roof. I so wish this wasn’t so visible.

The figure comes with a extendable “gun arm” left nozzle. I’m not really too happy about it as it tends to wiggle around loosely even when it’s fully extended.

The windows on the side of the figure really, really sticks out like a sore thumb.

His shoulder cannon and “force field projector” are nicely integrated into the transformation, no parts removal required.

Trailbreaker also comes with stickers for his side windows, which is meant to homage the vintage toy look. Too bad it doesn’t completely cover up the windows so they don’t stick out too much in robot mode when viewed from the side.

While we never see this happen in the cartoons, an optional articulated left hand is included with the set.

The front section of Trailbreaker’s head is removable, this is to allow for face swaps.

Trailbreaker’s “happy” face.

He also comes with an alternate “shouting” face.

The set comes with an effects part for Trailbreaker to use.

One big downside is when the effects part is plugged into the nozzle, the wobbly issue becomes even more apparent.

Lastly, the “multi-head nozzle” attachment for Trailbreaker is also included. We saw this in the second episode of “More than Meets the Eye”, where Trailbreaker used this to generate a force blast to put out the fire on the Spike and Sparkplug’s oil rig.

The robot mode also features an ab crunch joint, it really adds a lot in terms of cool poses to this figure!

It helps the figure pull off this kneeling pose perfectly!

Comparison with Fans Toys FT-25 Outrider.

Overall, an impressive showing by Takara Tomy! I have to admit I’m not too happy about how clunky the MPG Trainbots were going and I had greatly lowered my expectations for this Masterpiece figure, but they managed to wow me with this release. While not perfect (I really hate the blue windows glaring at you when you the robot is facing askew, as well as the huge car roof gap under the robot mode’s chin), the set captures the animation model quite well and offers a lot of poseability.

Given the choice between this or the Fans Toys, while I love the diecast and impressive designs and proportions of the Fans Toys version, somehow the choice of “black instead of gray” for FT-25 sort of took away from the overall “toon accuracy” effect I was hoping for, which makes it even more prevalent, now thanks to the proper “cartoon accurate” gray on the official MP release.

Simply put, I think it’s up to personal preference.

Hmm.. I guess I’ll have to break out the entire Autobot MP collection at some point and place both Trailbreakers in for a better perspective on which fits in better with the group.

Funfact: Bootleggers have somehow managed to crank out illicit copies of MP Trailbreaker but with added diecast to the lateral sides of the lower legs as well as the feet and car hood. I wonder how much that changes the “feel” of the MP figure?


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