Transformers Masterpiece MP-57 Skyfire

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-57 Skyfire

Skyfire’s box is easily the biggest ever released in the Masterpiece line. Spanning 20 x 12 x 6.5 inches in dimension.

While on the outset, Skyfire looks big and impressive in his jet mode, I am not a fan of all the gaps on the alt mode. I wish Takara did a better job somehow.

The jet mode’s wings have moving wing flaps, which is a nice gimmick to see.

His “backpack” can be modified to give the classic “G1-esque/ Macross VF-1S FAST Pack-inspired” look.

His backpack can also open up for storage for his extra accessories.

Getting the extra face plates to all fit in can be a bit tricky though.

Skyfire’s wingspan is roughly 16 inches when his wings are fully opened up.

The right side of Skyfire’s backpack features a rotating panel with a hard point for mounting his Photon Missile Launcher on.

Opening c0ckpit hatch.

Secondary passenger seat in the backpack.

It’s really clever that this area has a small window on its side for its passenger. I love it!

Rear compartment for another figure.

Display base

To mount the attachment for the display base, you’ll have to slot it in under the jet mode (you have to remove Jetfire’s Photon Missile Launcher first).

Do take care when mounting the figure, as the neck of the display arm isn’t ratcheted. The weight of the figure will easily tip the neck the wrong way. It’s not advisable to position the figure on any other pose other than straight up horizontal to avoid accidents.

Effects parts for his boosters are included.

The overall look is very nice.

Gerwalk mode.
Lowering the legs and pulling out the feet will give you this alt mode, though I can’t remember this ever appearing in the cartoons. I guess it’s more of a homage to the vintage toy that had this mode, which was based on the Super Dimensional Space Fortress Macross Anime.

Since the figure is VERY top heavy in this mode, make sure you position the ankles of the Gerwalk mode correctly to avoid the toy tipping over from improper balance.

Lastly, the set also comes with mini-figures of Optimus Prime, Jazz (his first appearance in the MP line) and Wheeljack

Prime stands roughly 2 inches tall, while Jazz and Wheeljack each stand at 1.5 inches.

It’s really impressive how much paint detail Takara was able to squeeze into these mini-figures, plus they’re all very well articulated! They even have waist joints! They don’t have any head or neck articulation, though.

For seating arrangements, it’s pretty specific. Only Wheeljack can fit in the main c0ckpit.

You can try squeezing Jazz into the main c0ckpit, but you can’t close the canopy down flush (his head is bigger than Wheeljack’s?).

Prime rides up top in the backpack.

Lastly, poor Jazz gets the leg compartments.

I think the figures work best with the Gerwalk mode.

There’s also an alternate ramp under Skyfire’s crotch in Gerwalk mode.

“Happy Independence Day!”

Robot mode

An explorer and scientist first, a warrior second, Skyfire is a bot of science. Always upgrading his tech, armor and weapons to their cutting edge, Skyfire strongly believes in technology as the means of victory over the Decepticons. His “Scramjet Modules” allows him to fly halfway around the world in 30 minutes. As one of the few Autobots that can fly, Skyfire is the Autobot team’s main air defense force.

Skyfire looks really good. It’s like he stepped out of the TV screen.

Skyfire stands roughly 13.5 inches tall and weighs 1077 Grams. It’s easily the heaviest Masterpiece figure released so far aside from the original MP-01 Optimus Prime.

The hips on Skyfire are where the diecast is mostly concentrated. There are also diecast parts in his backpack, particularly, the “spine” of the backpack.

Skyfire’s neck can actually be extended to give it more range of motion.

Lifting up the center piece of his forehead reveals his computer “brain” and “brainwave monitor”, just like how it appeared in his debut episode “Fire in the Sky”.

Skyfire comes with optional faction plates, including a neutral one. They can all be easily slotted in and out of Skyfire’s chest.

Yeah, the mini-figures are super out of scale for the robot mode. lol.

Skyfire comes with optional face plates.
“Speaking/ happy” face.

Macross-inspired face plate (it’s even got a magnet on it for some reason).

Lastly, Skyfire comes with his iconic Photon Missile Launcher.

Thanks to some great engineering, Skyfire actually features shoulder butterfly joints, so you can pull off some great poses while he’s holding his rifle.

The Photon Missile Launcher can be mounted on the backpack’s hardpoint to recreate the “Strike Valkyrie” design from the Macross “Do You Remember Love?” movie. Pretty cool.

You can also plug in the jet mode’s booster effects parts into the rifle. Unfortunately, due to the design, you can only fit in one piece for one barrel. I kind of wish they included a specific effects part for the Photon Missile Launcher instead, so you can have effects on both barrels.

As previously mentioned, hanks to some very good joint engineering, you can get Skyfire to pose holding his rifle perfectly like this.

While I was planning to do a comparison with Fans Toys Phoenix, unfortunately, I seem to have stored my Fans Toys Phoenix somewhere and forgot to list it down (lol… 200 storage boxes to check). So I couldn’t take it out for a comparison. Perhaps another time..

Overall, an amazing piece! While it’s not perfect thanks to all the gaps in the jet mode, it’s the robot mode that really shines. The solid feel and heft (thanks to the diecast hips) of the figure really does fit the name “Masterpiece”. There’s also the great engineering that allows for impressive poseability of the figure. That plus the inclusion of so many accessories all give a great “bang for the buck” for this set.

Now for the big question, given the choice between this or the Fans Toys Phoenix, while the FT is heavier (by 300 grams or so) and taller (by an inch or so), I can’t believe I’m saying this, but think I will have to go with the Takara version, as I always choose cartoon accuracy before anything else when it comes with collecting. MP Skyfire really does look like he stepped out of the TV screen and into your collection. It’s just really impressive. I kind of wish Takara put this amount of diecast and extra poseability into all their G1 Masterpieces from the start.


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