Transformers Masterpiece MP-07 Thundercracker

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-07 Thundercracker

Since he’s a repaint, he comes with the same basic structure as Starscream. Including his chest missile bay.

Alternate faceplate (angry)

Even though it was never explored, Thundercracker did have moments where he thought of taking over the Decepticons (it briefly happened in one episode, when Megatron was down, if I remember right).

He also comes with his own Dr. Arkeville (what am I going to do with a third one? They should’ve just added a Megatron gun instead).

Display base for “hover” poses.

Jet mode.

With the other “Seekers”.

At first I thought Skywarp and Thundercracker had the same faceplate. It turns out they have different alternate faces (Skywarp’s got an evil gloat, while Thudercracker is just angry).

Jet modes.

Note the panel lines of the “air intake” chest plate.


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