Transformers Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock

The Dinobot Commander in action!

Twin Stunner Lasers.

Energo Sword.

Dinobot mode.

Brainwave transfer device (Grimlock became incredibly smart in one episode but had to transfer his “smarts” into the Technobot team he built by himself to save the Autobots).

Gimmicks galore!

“Flip-up, flip-down” color changing visor. To switch between “toon-accurate” and G1 toy accurate looks.

Pressing on Grimlock’s “cheek” causes the jaw to snap shut.

Pressing down on Grimlocks’ legs in dino-mode will make his head nod up and down.

Wagging Grimlock’s waist in dino-mode will make Grimlock’s head turn left right. The downside is, it’s frustratingly hard to make his dino-head look center.

Eye-color changes.

Flame thrower in the mouth.

Waiter mode

Tie plugs into this hole in the chest.

Me, Grimlock… uh, king…?

Serving Tray

The tray just sits on Grimlocks’ hands. I really don’t recommend breaking the tray pieces out of the box, since they’re so small, one might loose them.

Thoughts on MP Grimlock.
-Weighs 520 Grams and stands roughly 9 Inches tall.

-Diecast parts mostly in the chest, the “dino-mode” toes, some parts of the groin (not sure) and the strut supports connecting the chest piece to the “spine”.

The downside to having a light gimmick built into the right fist is that the right fist cannot be opened and is fixed in “grip” pose.

-Grimlock’s “wings” are rachet-jointed and can spread wide. Also, Grimlocks’ individual fingers in Dino-mode are articulated.

The biggest concern would have to be this screw on the legs, the contact with the screw head and the chromed tail might cause some friction and scrape off some of the chrome. I didn’t encounter this on mine per se but I’ve seen it on some message boards (thanks to Gasha for the headsup). Putting magic tape on the screw head will prevent any scratching.

Addendum :

Transformers Reissue MP-08 Grimlock coin and flaming sword effect

I passed on the reissue Grimlock, but the add-ons were nice to get.

Flame sword accessory comes in an interesting “fold out” package.

Me, Grimlock, am strongest!


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