Transformers Masterpiece MP08x King Grimlock Throne

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Transformers Masterpiece MP08x King Grimlock Throne

The seat locks onto the back of the throne like so, it’s a bit tricky to do. I recommend only using just two out of the four clips. It will hold just fine.

Wow. When they first announced this, everyone was ecstatic, then word got out it was made from the same material we get from the bubble blister packs of toys. Well…what can one expect, this is technically a freebie, afterall.

The paint job adds a nice touch to the set and it does hold fairly well with MP figures. I don’t know if it will warp over time, but I can’t imagine it would.

Me Grimlock Boss!

The seat is a bit too far back though.

With Optimus, the gap in the back is even more obvious.

I think it works better with Prime leaning backwards a bit and his feet not firmly planted to the floor.


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