Transformers Masterpiece MP-11S Sunstorm

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-11S Sunstorm

Sunstorm is a straight up repaint of MP11 Starscream. Wow. I loved the new Starscream but this felt like somewhat of an obscure Seeker to make, I kind of wished TakaraTomy gave us Thundercracker or Skywarp again. I wouldn’t have minded getting Sunstorm if it was only Sunstorm, but to add the cape and crown seemed way too out of place and added additional cost to the buyer.

Chest missiles

Null Ray guns

Coronation set:

Starscream’s set is on the left. His pauldrons (shoulder pads) are now chromed, the same goes for his crown and hologram pilot.

Sunstorm’s cape (left) is now semi-clear plastic.

In the G1 cartoons, Sunstorm had only one scene in the pilot episode (shooting at Wheeljack and Bumblebee).

In the Dreamwave comics, where had the most exposure anywhere in comics or cartoons, he was a Shockwave-made clone of Starscream, that gained supernatural like abilities such as Electromagnetism. Supposedly, if Dreamwave hadn’t gone bankrupt, he was to be revealed as a vessel for the Fallen.

Comparison with Starscream.

Transformers MP11S Sunstorm Coin

The coin folds out into a 3-dimensional pyramid. Pretty cool.


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