Transformers Masterpiece MPG-03 Yukikaze

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Transformers Masterpiece MPG-03 Yukikaze

Same as before, this MPG unit comes with two modular railway sections that can connected together.

The “flight stand” adapter for “flying train mode” is pretty much a staple at this point. Has-Tak should just throw in a 6-pack of flight stands for everyone by the end. Sigh… no one has this many stands to use, Has-Tak! No one!

Raiden’s head is included with this set.

You’ll have to reconfigure the head a bit so you can store it under the rear of the train mode.

Yukikaze’s “Snow Laser” can also be pegged underneath the train mode for storage.

The younger brother of Trainbot team leader Shouki, Yukikaze is the group’s resident cold-weather operations expert. Unstoppable in battles in extreme cold climates, Yukikaze’s only weakness is heat, as it slows him down. Ironically, heat is something his fellow team mate and rival, Trainbot Kaen, produces a lot of.

I really like the clear plastic pieces they used for his visor. It adds a really good touch of detail to the figure.

Yukikaze stands roughly 6.75 inches and weighs 214 Grams.

Yukikaze’s backpack has flip out boosters.

Raiden’s head can also be stored away in his backpack in robot mode.

While the figure does have a waist joint, it is limited by the design of the figure’s waist.

I am not a fan of the folding panels on his legs, they just can’t seem to tab in all the way to properly lock them in place, so they tend to become undone a bit too easily.

Yukikaze comes with his “Snow Laser”.

While it’s not quite specified or demonstrated in the cartoons, I’m going to assume the Snow Laser is a type of freezing gun (and not just something that pumps out snowflakes for decor).

Overall, pretty decent. It’s definitely better than MPG-02 Getsuei in terms of presence (thanks to the really cool visor and sculpted panel details). I just wish the leg panels tabs lock in better and we got some effects parts for his gun.

Alright folks, we are halfway into this team, let’s hope the complete set won’t be a letdown.


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