Transformers Masterpiece MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken

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Transformers Masterpiece MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken

Like his Trainbot team brethren, Suiken comes with rails (train tracks) for properly displaying his alt mode.

Suiken’s alt mode is based off of the Tokai-type 153 Express train. According to the packaging’s details, the toy is done in 1/87 scale of the actual train.

Similar to the other Trainbots, Suiken comes with the adapter plug for the train mode to plug into a flight stand to be able to do its “flying train” pose.

Suiken’s Storm Laser folds up and stows underneath the train mode.

For storing Raiden’s Train Bazooka, you’ll have to take it apart and store it inside Suiken’s backpack.

Robot mode

The most seasoned warrior amongst the six Trainbots, Suiken is an expert in moving and fighting across rugged terrain, even without the use of rails when in alt mode! Strong and combat-savvy, Suiken was even able to throw Metroplex off balance to save the latter from Trypticon. Suiken is also an exceptional navigator, this is particularly handy when it comes to transporting other Autobots during space missions.

That’s a lot of backpack going on there…

Be mindful of the lower legs. You’re supposed to properly lock the legs into position via the pegs on the sides of the panels. It’s very tricky to align everything together due to the size of the pegs, but it is very ESSENTIAL to keeping the lower legs upright.

Beautiful sculpt details on the head and chest of the figure. However, do note that the chest panels tend to collapse when you’re posing the figure and you will need to reset them.

Suiken comes with his Storm Laser rifle.

Suiken’s left shoulder cannon can also be reposted to be facing forward. You can also reposition the cannon on the figure’s forearm.

Lastly, Raiden’s Train Bazooka can be split up into 3 components, the Power Gun, the Control Gun, and the Accompanying Gun. Each component can then be armed different Trainbots when they’re not combined, in order to spread the Energon requirements.

The Train Bazooka can also be wielded fully combined by a single Trainbot, but doing so will completely deplete the Trainbot’s Energon reserves after. Ideally, the combined Train Bazooka should only be used by Raiden to bring out its maximum output and efficiency.

Overall, pretty decent, the sculpts are great and the details are pretty spot on for the train mode, the head is also very nicely done (as usual). But like the rest of the MPG series, there’s a LOT OF kibble and backpack in the robot mode. The knees are also a pain to get locked in right and the chest panels often collapse inward at the slightest touch. Not really big dealbreakers, but it feels like it could’ve been executed better for something that’s a Masterpiece release.

Four Trainbots down, only two more to go…


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