Transformers Masterpiece MPG-05 Seizan

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Transformers Masterpiece MPG-05 Seizan

Hakuchō 485-200 Series Limited train mode

Like the other Trainbots, he comes with an adapter plug for mounting him on the Masterpiece flight stands (if you’ve got them).

The manual comes packed with a little cardboard insert.

The insert features a punchable print out that allows you to swap the logo on the front of the train.

Simply open up the front of the train and swap the cards out, as you please.

Seizan’s Plain Laser Gun can be folded up and stowed away underneath the train.

Likewise, the Raiden Cannons can be folded up and stored into the front of the train by pegging them into the black slots on the sides.

Raiden’s Light Sword can be stored underneath the train tracks unique to Seizan.

The Trainbot team’s expert on mountainous terrain, Seizan loves the great outdoors and spends most of his free time basking away in the scenery of mountain ranges all over the planet. Always preferring to fight an opponent from the high ground, Seizan revels in sneak attacks on Decepticon positions down below.

Funfact, in the Takara Transformers Headmasters Animated series, Seizan never had any speaking lines. No character development at all. Lol..

Seizan stands roughly 7.75 inches tall.

Thankfully, unlike MPG-04 Suiken, Seizan’s chest panels don’t collapse as easily when you accidentally press the chest panel from the sides while posing the arms.

Yeah…. like all the other Trainbots, we’ve got a big backpack with this guy.

Similar to Suiken, Seizan’s shoulder cannon can be removed and repositioned to shoot forward.

It can also be mounted on his forearms for added play value.

For weaponry, Seizan comes with his Plain Laser Gun.

For added armament, he also comes with a pair of Raiden Cannons, which are prototype electromagnetic acceleration guns (railguns). These are brand-new weapons unique to the MPG toyline.

All of his guns can be folded up and stowed away on his back.

Lastly Seizan comes with Raiden’s Light Sword.

While the sword is primarily meant for Raiden, Seizan can equip it, but due to the hilt’s design it’s a bit awkward to look at.

It’s still impressive to to see him holding the sword (from the right angles).

Overall, pretty good. I enjoyed handling this figure more than Suiken. Seizan comes with a lot of weapons and the big sword makes him stand out more compared to the others. Like his brethren, he’s also fun to pose (bulky backpack aside).

Five Trainbots down, one last one to go!


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