Transformers Masterpiece MPM-8 Movie Megatron

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Transformers Masterpiece MPM-8 Movie Megatron

Take note of how the feet are folded up in the tray for storage.

The powerful, tyrannical leader of the Decepticons. Megatron’s hunt for the All Spark leads to him crashing on Earth and being in suspended animation for centuries.

I wish the finished product looked like the box. The lack of gunmetal paint finish on some parts seems wrong on this guy.

MPM Megatron stands roughly 12 inches and weighs 725 Grams. He comes with diecast sections of his feet.

The toy also features a LOT of ratchet joints all around.

Some of the plastic joints used on him feels… soft (bendy?). Not sure if that’s a good thing.

I still can’t get over how the movie’s design team managed to come up with alien-like look for Megatron’s hands, over the conventional robotic hands. Pretty interesting.

Attaching his chain whip requires removing his hand.

The rubbery “chain” can be stored/ plugged on his back.

Fusion cannon (requires removing both his arms)

The fusion cannon is folded out from the compact blaster.

The cannon can be plugged into his back for storage.

The All Spark cube (all plastic is more like it).

Fits in Megatron’s hand well enough.

The All Spark can be “plunged” into his inner chest panel (you have to remove or flip open his outer chest plate) so you can recreate his death scene in the first movie.

Cybertronian Jet Fighter mode

I really gotta admit, the Takara design team really did something amazing with this toy, the jet mode is really spot on with the look in the movie.

Chain whip can also be attached in jet mode.

Likewise the fusion cannon.

Overall, a pretty decent Masterpiece figure. It looks decent but I think Takara did the toy a disservice by not fully painting it and taking the finished toy further, since the tooling and sculpt are there and they’re great. The transformation is a bit tricky but the jet mode looks really amazing when it’s all done.

The biggest downside is probably that it does seem a bit pricey, especially compared to how much the big and heavy MP G1 Ultra Magnus was when it first came out and how little diecast was used here.

I didn’t have time to break out the MPM Optimus Prime to give this thing a dance partner for the pics (something to do later on I suppose). But Megatron is definitely taller than Prime (12″ vs 9.75″).


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