Transformers Masterpiece Roller for MP04 from ArtistToys

Transformers Masterpiece Roller from ArtistToys.

Not official releases from Hasbro-Takara-Tomy. This accessory pack comes with Roller, the fuel gun and hose (based on the G1 toy) and Ultra Magnus’ rifle.

I didn’t feel like digging out the MP Magnus so I just used Prime for this shot.

Here’s Roller!

He’s pretty big!

Prime’s gun can be mounted on Roller but the handle won’t fit the hole, it just kinda sits there, really (the Magnus Rifle from this pack won’t fit either).

The fuel gun and hose.

While the hose doesn’t really plug in anywhere on the MP04 trailer turrets, you can just squeeze them into the space between the robot arm and the gun pod.


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