Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker (Hasbro Ver.)

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Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker (Hasbro Ver.)

Interesting to note, Hasbro still mentions the face changing properties of the toy on the box and manual even though it is NOT present in the new version. I’m surprised no one thought of suing them for false claims. lol.

I really love the new Starscream mold, the new sculpts make the toy more show accurate than the previous version. The colors are also closer to the show as well.

Chest missiles.

“pilot included”, I wonder who the two names belong to?

Nosecone radar

Interesting added paint details, Sonicboom and Reflector?

Comparison with the old Takara version.

Note the differences in the torso sculpt

Display base

I think Hasbro reworked the stand, I had trouble using the old Walmart Masterpiece Starscream’s stand for the MP11 in fighter mode, it couldn’t lock in. The problem is less here, it’s still not perfect but at least the pegs can now slot into the hole.

Also included is the clip for Megatron in Gun mode.

Diecast parts are still the same as with all the previous Takara/Hasbro releases for the Seekers, the struts for the covers, the main “spine” of the figure and the front landing gear are all metal.

Now to hope they release Skywarp and the other seekers soon. 🙂


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