Transformers MMC Ocular Max PS-01A Sphinx (Masterpiece Mirage)

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Transformers MMC Ocular Max PS-01A Sphinx (Masterpiece Mirage)

Sphinx actually features a connected axel for the front wheels, complete with spring action so they bounce back to the center when you let go of the “turn”. This was a very cool bonus in the design.

Rubber tires. Nice. Plus.. lol.. the Good Year logo, I’m surprised they didn’t sue.

Sphinx also comes with a holographic “driver”. Reminds of me of old M.A.S.K. “Split Seconds”.

Sadly, yeah, to get the driver to fit, it doesn’t have legs. lol…

Various parts and accessories. Note that this version of Sphinx does not come with the parachute that was present in the PS01 regular version.

Weapons can be attached to the spoiler in vehicle mode.

After holding back for so long and waiting for Takara to release the other MP Autobots, I finally gave in and jumped onto backtracking the Third Party versions. It was unfortunate that when I ordered PS01A Sphinx from BBTS, Mastermind Creations announced the release of a toon accurate version, the PS01C 2 days later. Ah well.

I really love the poseability on this toy, it’s even got a minor “ab crunch” joint. Cool!

“Rocket Dart Hunting Rifle”.

According to his bio, Mirage came from “old money” meaning he was rich before the war. This was never really evident in the cartoons. In the comics, Mirage was never trusted by some of the Autobots as he would rather prefer the Autobots and Decepticons talk and solve their problems instead of going to war, making Mirage seem like a Decepticon sympathizer.

Shoulder launcher

This version of Sphinx does not come with a parachute (the original version did and the upcoming PS01C will). Guess Sphinx will just have to settle for a hard landing.

Details and some fun stuff.
Sphinx weighs 191 Grams and stands roughly 6.5 inches tall.

Diecast parts include:
-main support struts inside the torso
-Heel and parts of the feet

Included with the set is an optional back part of his head, in case you don’t want to see the Good Year logo.

Likewise, they also included a “smiling face” part, but this one requires removing the default front face plate with a screwdriver.

Sphinx comes with a shoulder rocker launcher, but it does not fire. The missile is removable though.

Sphinx also has moveable thumbs and index fingers.

While having rubber wheels is cool, I think at this point I would rather have plastic wheels, as the tires might melt while this figure is displayed? I don’t know, but I don’t feel comfy with the rubber tires sitting on the ground like so. Better keep an eye on this when displayed to make sure it won’t damage shelf surfaces.

DX9 previously released their own take on Masterpiece Mirage called “Invisible”, it didn’t quite capture the Masterpiece “look and feel” quite right. MMC did it way better here. Until Takara makes an official MP Mirage, this guy takes the cake.


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