Transformers Movie Series APS01U Ultimate Edition Optimus Prime

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Transformers Movie Series APS01U Ultimate Edition Optimus Prime

Outer Box Sleeve (Big! Measures 22x 14 x 6.5 Inches)

Inner Box (window type)

The (diecast) All Spark bonus accessory (packed separately)

Wow… where did the time go?? I got this thing 2 months ago and I only manage to fiddle with it this week. Work… sigh…

Anywho, this figure is the “Ultimate” version of movie Prime. It’s basically Striker Optimus Prime and comes with all the accessories and bells and whistles that came with all the previous releases from TF movies 1 to 3 (Buster, Striker and Jetwing Optimus Primes). It’s also painted better and has a ton of detailed paint applications not found on the previous releases.

Tinted windows and detailed mechanical paint apps.

Prime also comes with electronics, if you push the belly tab, he only says “ We must stop the Decepticons” though.

I believe this is also the first version of movie Prime to feature articulated fingers. They’re a nice touch but nothing epic, since the fingers aren’t individual. They move in pairs.


Ion Blaster (From Buster Optimus)

Eliminator gun and Assault Blaster (Mech Tech weapons, both combine to form Mega Striker)

Mega Striker and Shield

Battle Blades

Battle Hooks (Killed Grindor in Revenge of the Fallen)

Knuckle (used against Shockwave in Dark of the Moon? I have to rewatch that, I don’t recall Prime deploying such a weapon)

The All Spark

It’s made of diecast metal and weighs 10 Grams

Lol… Swiss Army Prime .

Comparison with the Jetwing Optimus Prime

I guess I do kind of wish Prime had an alternate “masked” head. Letting him have all this gear and not have the mask on seems kind of wrong….


Prime still requires these additional foot supports when the Jetwing is strapped on, to prevent him from falling backwards.

Thruster nozzles are moveable (adjustable)

Going to war

Prime weighs about 537 Grams

With the wings and gatling guns equipped, Prime weighs about 1021 Grams.

Vehicle mode (Mad Max eat your heart out…)

You can basically load everything onto Prime all at once (copying the pic from the box). But some of the connections aren’t as solid as I would’ve liked. Still, it looks pretty bada$$ for about a few minutes or at least until something falls down. .

“Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!”


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