Transformers MP-52+ Masterpiece Thundercracker 2.0

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Transformers MP-52+ Masterpiece Thundercracker 2.0

Same as with MP-52 Starscream, remember to transform the guns into their missile modes for the jet mode.

Openable canopy and nose cone to reveal radar dish.

C0ckpit control panel is a little light on the details.

Adjustable thruster nozzles and openable air brakes.

Deployable landing gear.

Adjustable wing flaps.

Thanks to the new design, similar to Starscream, Thundercracker can now do “Gerwalk” modes (half jet, half robot mode, the term comes from the “Super Dimensional Space Fortress Macross” Anime). This mode was seen in the episode “Dinobot Island part 2”.

Same with MP-52 Starscream, the Gerwalk mode can’t look down since it will fall over if it does, you can only pose this mode looking up.

Prideful and boastful, Thundercracker looks down on those who cannot fly with disdain. Though a member of the elite Decepticon Seekers, Thundercracker is not fully committed to the cause and actually feels pity for the lesser lifeforms that the Decepticons attack. In the IDW comics run he actually defects and leaves the Decepticons to work with humans.

The figure is a redeco of MP-52 Starscream.

In robot mode, Thundercracker stands roughly 8.5 inches tall and weighs 335 Grams.

Diecast parts include:
-Chest panels (the red area)
-Front waist
-Landing gear

Image of actual toy size on the back of the box – check!

Same as with MP-52 Starscream, we get an ab crunch joint here as well.

Thundercracker only comes with 3 alternate facial expressions, unlike Starscream’s 5 alternate faces.

Chest missiles.

Beam cannon/ flamethrower effects parts.

These are the same parts we get with Starscream, only in a lighter shade of purple.

Thundercracker’s Beam Cannon/ Flamethrowers can be removed from their mounts and equipped directly into his hands.

Display base

Attachment piece required to mount the jet mode onto the display base.

Thanks to the joints in the display base arm, you can pose the jet in different angles.

Effects parts for the thrusters can be pegged onto the nozzles.

“Gerwalk” mode can also be mounted on the display base.

Lastly, the robot mode can also be mounted on the display base, but unfortunately, the limited height of the display arm leaves little in terms of stable posing options here.

With MP-52 Starscream.

Overall, as with MP-52 Starscream, it’s an improvement over its predecessor. It’s even got a more toon accurate shade of blue. The joints are actually also a bit tighter on this release, particularly with regards to the ankles for the robot mode, which gave Starscream owners a a lot of grief (yay, progress).

Too bad Thundercracker comes with fewer facial expressions than Starscream, but I guess it makes sense in a way, since we rarely see him emote as much as the latter. It’s all good here for me. Now to wait for Skywarp and wrap up this team.

Post script: Since transforming this thing is difficult at times (particularly when it comes to rotating the nose cone, it’s incredibly hard to do and might cause breakage if repeatedly done), I just opted to leave the toy in robot mode when stored in the box. Thankfully the tray has a lot of empty space on the underside, so you can place the figure in robot mode there, leaving the default cavity for the jet mode empty instead.

Man, I wish Takara packed these things in robot mode instead.


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