Transformers MPM-04 Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

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Transformers MPM-04 Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

Sadly the manual is not colored.

When they first announced this Masterpiece figure, I was going to pass on it since I’ve already gotten so many leader class movie Primes over the years, this seemed superflous. Then I heard that it will come with diecast, so I changed my mind and went for it.

Admittedly, it does look more proportional compared to the bulky Leader Classes. I can’t say I like the sides of the abs though, they look way too big.

The toy features a “face change” gimmick similar to Age of Extinction Takara AD-31 Leader Class Armor Knight Optimus Prime.

Articulated fingers.

The toy also features ratchet joints and is actually fun to pose.

Ion Cannon

Battle Blades

(Diecast) Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Vehicle mode

A major flaw with the truck mode is that it’s a huge pain to transform as the designers made an error that makes it unable to perfectly tab together in truck mode. As such, you might have some open panel seams left over when you’re done transforming Prime. The manual is a huge pain in the neck to read too.

Prime’s weapons can be stored in the spare tire area.

MPM-04 stands roughly 9.75″ inches.

Diecast parts include feet, sections of the shins, the abs and the little headlights next to the abs.

Unfortunately, I find the diecast somewhat inferior, as I can see rough bubbles on some of the metal parts. Poor metal quality perhaps? I wonder if this will be an issue as the toy ages?

Even though the figure sports more paint than an average LC Prime, it’s kinda half-done, as the paint isn’t fully completed in some areas.

Comparison with TF3 DOTM Jetwing Leader Class Optimus Prime.

For those curious, this is the Hasbro version of the toy, marketed in Asia, the Takara version has some additional paint apps (blue stripe on the feet, painted mini Autobot symbol in the center of Prime’s chest, added yellow paint apps in the pelvis area).

Overall, it’s okay, it’s a step up from the LC Prime (I still hate the red plates on the side of the torso being oversized here), as the proportions match the movie look better than the other Movie Optimus Prime figures, but the downside is that this figure can’t combine with Jetfire and is a ridiculously huge pain to transform due to the design issues. If you can find the Takara version then go for it as the additional paints do make it seem a bit better.

I wonder if they will redo this figure down the line, since they usually end up redoing/improving most, if not all, of the Movie Prime figures.


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