Transformers MPM-12 Masterpiece Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime

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Transformers MPM-12 Masterpiece Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime

Based on Optimus Prime’s appearance in the 2018 Bumblebee Movie. Prime gets very little screen time in the movie as the focus of the film is mostly on Bumblebee. The redesign is a big improvement for me as it’s closer to the G1 aesthetics than the previous Michael Bay film versions.

MPM-12 Optimus stands roughly 9.75 inches and weighs 391 Grams.

Diecast parts include:
-“Gas can” for the truck mode.
-The Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

For accessories, Prime only comes with his Ion Blaster, no Energon Axe (since it was never shown in the movie).

I can’t say I like the way the wrist droops here due to the heft of the blaster.

When not in use, the blaster folds up and can be pegged onto Prime’s backside.

While Prime’s hands do have some articulation, the fingers are not individually articulated like with MP-52 Starscream. There’s only very minimal articulation of this toy’s fingers actually.

Lastly, Prime comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. While we never see this in the Bumblebee movie, it’s nice that Has-Tak decided to throw this in and even made it with diecast metal.

Getting the Matrix out is a real hassle, you will need a tool to fish it out of Prime’s chest.

Lol… the backside of the Matrix is hollow?

Quick! Light our darkest hour before Michael Bay decides to reboot us again!

Same as with the robot mode, the Ion Blaster can be mounted onto the same spot for storage.

Overall, a fairly decent Movie Masterpiece Prime. The toy itself isn’t too shabby, but it doesn’t quite feel like a solid, high-end Masterpiece toy that we usually expect, I guess maybe the lack of proper paint finish has something to do with it? As most of the parts are just molded color plastic. The tooling is really nice and detailed, but there’s just something that seems lacking about the toy as a whole for an MP figure. I also half expected zero diecast on this guy and I was quite surprised to find they actually put some in, although you will only find it when you transform the toy, sneaky devils.


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