Transformers Netflix Deluxe Class Deep Cover

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Transformers Netflix Deluxe Class Deep Cover

As usual, make sure to check the back of the tray for the accessories.

An undercover Autobot that works with humans to stem crime on Earth, Deep cover has a unique bag of tricks, which include shrinking himself down to 1/40 his size and the ability to project holograms.

The mold is a redeco of Generations Selects Deep Cover, which is a redeco of Siege Sideswipe. The color inversion is probably an homage to G2 Sideswipe.

Shoulder launcher

Tsk… aaand we’re back to the lousy weathering paint on the figures. Give it up, Hasbro..

It’s a shame Hasbro dropped the new rifle that came with Generations Selects Deep Cover in this set.

It just seems wrong for this figure to not have the same accessories as his “other self” and at the same time have a higher (?) price tag to him.

I really, really love the shade of blue on this guy…

Sigh… I really hate the fact that Hasbro cut out the backdrops starting with the second wave of Netflix figures due to the lack of plastic trays to hold the figure in place.

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

With Generations Selects “original colors” Deep Cover.

Overall, not bad? I love the shade of blue they used here and the difference in deco comes out almost good enough to be an entirely different character (I’m still thinking of what to name him, Skidmark? lol). The figure is a Walmart Exclusive in the US.


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