Transformers Netflix Scrapface

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Transformers Netflix Scrapface

Since this was never offered locally, I decided to grab the Takara version when it was offered at a local toy specialty shop. The Japanese markings are all just applied via a big sticker sheet on the packaging.

Scrapface actually appeared on the Siege cartoon and was given a pretty decent amount of screen time and dialogue. He was one of the many low level Decepticons imprisoned by Shockwave to drain Energon from until he was rescued by the Autobots, he eventually leads a rebellion to rescue Elita-1’s captured Autobots in order to return the favor.

The figure is a redeco of the Siege Refraktor mold. He was released as a Walmart exclusive in the US, along with the other “Netflix wave” Transformers figures.

He comes with the standard Refraktor weapons, namely the “EMM Distortion Blaster”/tripod part, “HPR Telefocal Shield”/lens part and the “Bioscale Compression Rotor”/chest module.

HPR Telefocal Shield

The shield can be either mounted on his shoulders….

…or on his forearm.

EMM Distortion Blaster

You can also remove his Bioscale Compression Rotor.

Lastly, you can use his packaging insert as a backdrop.

Artillery hovercraft mode

Overall, a pretty good redeco, at least it’s a unique character that actually appeared in the show and has some decent story and characterization (unlike the actual Refraktor). It sucks that this, along with his Netflix wavemates, never came out locally. Sigh.. .


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