Transformers Netflix Voyager Class Soundwave

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Transformers Netflix Voyager Class Soundwave

Laserbeak (Earth mode)

The figure has new tooling for his head.

Ravage (Earth mode)

Same as with Laserbeak, Ravage features new head tooling plus modified paint apps on his alt mode.


Lol… this is the first time I’ve seen the buttons plate located on Soundwave’s butt. Interesting design choice.

Hands down, the most G1-looking Soundwave yet for mass retail. Sad that he’s a Walmart exclusive (wasn’t even released locally in Manila) and the scale follows the smaller Siege scale than the usual CHUGs lineup.

Cassette player mode.

He comes with his usual weaponry, a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher and his iconic Concussion Blaster.

Soundwave also comes with his EMTX Blitz Charge Blaster from the Siege line.

For some reason, Hasbro didn’t remove the weird posts on his forearms from the Siege design. They look really off here on the Earth mode Aesthetic.

Soundwave’s inner box insert can be used as a display backdrop. It’s really cool to look at too.

As usual, you can store his cassettes in him, just one at a time.


Following the Siege’s designs, you can still peg the tapes onto his arm slots to turn them into blast shields.

Earthrise Soundwave

Soundwave with his War for Cybertron Trilogy “crew”.

Overall, I really love this set! I just wish it wasn’t an exclusive. It really is the best Soundwave out there for mass retail as it captures the look of the G1 design almost perfectly.


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