Transformers Netflix Voyager Class Sparkless Seeker

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Transformers Netflix Voyager Class Sparkless Seeker

Oh, Hasbro… why…? The backdrops were what made the Netflix sets so cool.

The Sparkless Seeker is one among countless mindless Cybertronians in the Sea of Rust that have perished or lost their Spark. Essentially a “zombie”, the Sparkless seek out and attack other Cybertronians for their energy and “spark”.

The figure is a redeco of Siege Thundercracker.

It’s really weird that this guy still has a smirk on his face, even though he’s technically “dead” and should be lacking any ego or attitude that goes along with being so.

The Null Rays peg in much tighter this time around compared to previous figures of this mold.

Hmm… I guess posing a Sparkless pointing his guns is kinda… pointless? In the War for Cybertron cartoons, they are never shown to be able to shoot any weapons, only being able to move and somehow have the raw strength to tear up a living Transformer.

Aww, yeah, dead but still rocking an attitude.

Sparkless Caliburst

We never see this guy in the Siege cartoons as one of the Sparkless attacking the Autobots, I guess Hasbro decided to include Targetmasters in this set to jack up the price and make the most of these molds.

Like the regular release of Caliburst, you can remove the “backpack” and attach the whole weapon on his arm.

Weapon mode

Effects parts included

Sparkless Singe

Same as with Caliburst, we never see this guy in the Siege cartoons as a Sparkless either.

Same deal here, you can remove the “backpack” and place it on his arm as a weapon.

Weapon mode

Effects parts included

While it’s never explained how the Sparkless Transformers came to be in the show, it’s possible they came about due to the influence of Dark Energon that was seen in the Sea of Rust. The Dark Energon also possibly explains why the “dead” have the strength capable of ripping apart anyone they encounter with their bare hands.

Target on!

Like Hotlink before, the Targetmasters have nowhere to peg onto for the Tetrajet mode.

Overall, another day, another redeco of a Seeker mold. It was fun the first few times, but hopefully, this will be the last version of this mold that they roll out (I’m not going to get the Shattered Glass Starscream, it just doesn’t blend with the Decepticon colors). I honestly would’ve been fine with a simple redeco to serve as a Sparkless Seeker, but the use of the smirking face and inclusion of Targemasters, both of which have no place on a Sparkless Seeker, feel like Hasbro is intentionally just screwing with the fans at this point with this mold.


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