Transformers Netflix Wave Bumblebee

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Transformers Netflix Wave Bumblebee

As he is part of the original “Netflix wave”, his packaging comes with a portion of the “build-a-Teletran -1” cardboard diorama.

I couldn’t help but add an Autobot chest symbol to the figure, the lack of it just seems so wrong…

Ah, Bumblebee, the original child-identification character for the G1 Transformers cartoon. I think he’s probably the second most recognizable Autobot (after Optimus Prime). Ironically, despite being a part of the “Netflix wave”, this iteration more closely resembles his G1-cartoon look in both modes and not the Netflix cartoon (does he even have an alt mode in that show??)

The figure is a heavy retool of the Earthrise Cliffjumper mold, but surprisingly, this time he transforms into close representation of the Volkswagen Beetle.

He comes with the Earthrise Cliffjumper bazooka with disassembling weapons options.

Heh, never though we would get a Bumblebee figure that has huge weapons with him for once.

The disassembled weapons can combine to form a big bazooka.

His hatchback can be deployed as a shield.

His bazooka can be attached to his vehicle mode, but in a totally unique way from the usual Cliffjumper-mold types, here, it requires having to open up his hatchback for the bazooka to connect to in vehicle mode.

Lastly, as usual for the Netflix wave, the packaging comes with a character-specific insert backdrop.

Same as with the other mold types for this figure, the bazooka can be disassembled and equipped to form a hydrofoil mode of sorts for the vehicle mode.

Overall, it’s probably the most G1-cartoon accurate Bumblebee figure out there short of the Masterpiece one, it blends well with the CHUGS (Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations) aesthetic and I will most likely use this one as my “go to” Bumblebee figure to go with my CHUGS going forward. I just really wish they put an Autobot symbol on his chest to perfect the look, and that they made it more accessible instead of making it a Walmart release exclusive. Sigh…


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