Transformers Perfect Effect PC-16 Jinrai Prime

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Transformers Perfect Effect PC-16 Jinrai Prime

Based on the Japanese G1 Transformers Anime, Transformers Masterforce, we get Ginrai Prime. In Masterforce, instead of Optimus Prime, we get a human named Ginrai who gains the ability to combine with his trailer cab and become a dead ringer for Optimus Prime.

This figure sports lots of good articulation, including an ab crunch joint and articulated ankle joints.

Ginrai Prime stands roughly 6.25″ inches.

I’m not sure if this ever happened in the Anime, but this would work and look pretty cool I think.


Truck cab mode

Admittedly, yeah, the backside of the cab mode looks pretty silly since you can see the windows/ Ginrai’s torso chest there. Ah well.

The cab opens up to reveal a seating area (minus an actual chair) for Perfect Effect’s PC-15 upgrade set which came with Ginrai.

You can hook up the cab to the LG Super Ginrai trailer by unscrewing the lock which holds down the default cab.

In the Masterforce Anime, Ginrai combines with his trailer to form Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime in the USA toyline)

By removing the helmet portion from LG Ginrai, you can even transplant the whole head onto the PC-16, it’s just a simple procedure, with no screws involved.

You don’t have to get the PC-15 (comes with Ginrai driver figure, Super Ginrai head, plate covers for the thighs) to make the whole set work, getting the PC-16 alone is fine.

Included with the PC-16 is a chest plate with a nook for you to attach PC-15’s Ginrai driver figure. But if you don’t have PC-15, then using the default LG Super Ginrai Chest panel is fine.

Comparison with the LG Super Ginrai.

Overall, it’s not bad, but at the end of the day, I’m buying this set to pose a solo Ginrai figure. It’s great, poses really well and very fun to fiddle with! The LG Super Ginrai is actually already fine as is and attaching the PC-16 doesn’t really improve the aesthetic by that much.

Plus since the ankles of the Super Ginrai aren’t that great to begin with, there’s an even greater tendency now for the Super Ginrai to topple backwards due to the added weight of Ginrai Prime’s legs serving as a “backpack” when combined.


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