Transformers Planet X PX-01 Genesis (War for Cybertron Omega Supreme)

Transformers Planet X PX-01 Genesis (War for Cybertron Omega Supreme)

Interestingly, the outer shipping box comes with this strip of (used?) cardboard. To prevent one from accidentally cutting the packaging tape too deep and slicing the main box. It think it’s kinda nice that Planet X recycles.

Box window is held down by magnets.

Baggie includes bits for covering up screw holes if you so desire.


The folks over at Planet X also included 5 lights. These lights are inserted into Genesis’ ankles, arms and chest plate. To insert, just plug them in with the switch sides facing in, and then turn them to lock them in position.

It’s a little tricky to get the lights into the chest plate, as the manual does not teach you. You have to first turn the Autobot insignia upside down and lift the panel out.

Genesis is based on Omega Supreme as he appears in the War for Cybertron game. The tooling and details are all spot on. I can’t see anything that seems inaccurate to the look of the character as he appeared in the game, in both modes to boot!

Genesis comes packaged with the neck locked down, you will have to pop the neck area free if you want him to look around.

Practically every single joint on this sucker is ratchet jointed, down to the fingers. So everything holds in place. A very well executed toy for a third party product.

Omega activating.
Power : Optimal.
Mission : Destroy Megatron!

Just like in the game, Genesis has turrets that appear on his back and front torso and wings. The toy replicates this perfectly using a clever ball joint system.

In the game, Omega has a tractor beam which allows him to capture Decepticons. In the toy, he can “grip” a deluxe sized figure with no problem.

Transforming into Alternate mode is a mess. The manual is very, very poorly executed. I ended up having to go through Youtube videos to get what was going on.

While a “base mode” and rocket mode wasn’t shown in the manual, fans have been able to work something out. I’m going with Pascal’s configuration on the base mode as it seems to be the best take of the G1 look I’ve seen online.

Arms combine to form the rocket.

Genesis’ head can also transform into tank mode.

I’m not sure if the wings are meant to do something else? I just went with “artillery mode”.

Genesis stands at roughly 13.5″ Inches, or 15.5″ counting the highest point of his wings.

Genesis weighs approximately 1981 Grams.

IMPORTANT NOTE When transforming him back to robot mode, make sure these pieces are rotated back into position, to fit back into the orange slots in Genesis’ back.

It took me a few minutes to figure out why the wings wouldn’t clip into position properly, it was because these little pieces were in the way.

IMPORATANT NOTE 2 : The lights come with batteries ( 2x LR 920 watch batteries per light). I decided to pop them out for storage purposes, lest they corrode while in storage over time. Just simply flick out the button side of the light with a fingernail (or precision screwdriver) and pull on the cable. The whole thing should follow.

I removed the spring in this pic to show the cable.

I’m also not sure about how long the batteries will last. I don’t know if it was getting late and my eyes were tired, but it seemed like the lights were a lot brighter when I started taking photos. About 2 hours in, the light on Genesis’ right hand seemed to be dimmer.

Comparison with G1 Omega Supreme

Year of the Snake Omega Supreme

With the Mp10 Optimus Prime

With the Maketoys Giant.

Overall, I love it, I think this may well be the best Third Party standalone item I’ve ever handled. It’s big, it’s solid, it’s definitely accurate in both modes. The only real issue was the price (ouch) and the horrible, horrible, horrible, instruction manual.

Just go to Youtube and try to find videos for transforming him and save yourself the hassle of trying to understand where the manual is trying to lead you.

If Planet X ever decides to make Trypticon based on the War for Cybertron game, I’m all in. This company has the makings of something awesome.

Funfact : According to one of the audio logs in the game’s sequel, Fall of Cybertron, it was mentioned that Omega Supreme finally succumbed to the Dark Energon poisoning Megatron had given him in the first game. Omega had shut down into full stasis (even after being repaired by Rachet?).


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