Transformers Platinum Edition G1 Trypticon

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Transformers Platinum Edition G1 Trypticon

Box seems unnecessarily big (19x13x7 inches)

Well here’s a nice surprise, I never thought we’d finally get a reissue of this guy since there was no news of incoming G1 reissues for some time now. .

Lol.. face cannon.


Hmm… Gi Joe MASS Device?


Man I am so happy with this reissue, I was about to grab Full-Tilt’s Electro Disruptor Gun for my vintage figure when the new hit. That little piece of plastic is selling for about $30-$50 on Ebay.

City mode

Eject button for Full-Tilt

Battle Station mode

Lol.. a lot of warning labels come with the figure now for the electronics.

Batteries required 2x size C batteries for Trypticon’s motorized walk and 1x size AA for Brunt’s light up cannon.

Trypticon stands roughly 11” tall.

Weighs over a Kilo (1279 Grams)

Metroplex weighs 624 Grams for those curious. .

Comparison with the G1

New screw added to lock in the battery cover in the reissue.

Engraved Takara logo on the original, simple sticker on the reissue. Plus lighter violet colored parts on the reissue.

Hmm… metal ball bearing on the leg on the original (for weight balance?). Simple plastic “bulge” on the reissue.

Gold foil eye stickers for the vintage and yellow eye stickers on the reissue.

With G1 Takara Encore Metroplex

Full-Tilt and Scamper

“We’re comin for ya Metroplex!”


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