Transformers Playstation Optimus Prime

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Transformers Playstation Optimus Prime

This figure commemorates the 30th Anniversary of Transformers and the 20th Anniversary of the original Playstation.

I think the headsculpt is one of the best for Optimus.

As cool as this figure could’ve been, the chest plates on this figure are ridiculously floppy, there’s no way to lock it down. It’s weird how the designers overlooked it.

Playstation mode

Lol… I see you Optimus…

The Playstation comes with 2 “CDs” (cardboard fakes). Minna no Golf (Everybody’s Golf) and PrePre Vol 1

Thanks to these pages for the listing the serials codes of PSX games.

SCPS-10042 (Minna no Golf)

PCPX 96017 (PrePre Vol 1)

The power and eject buttons on Prime do not depress, while the shoulder buttons do not depress on the controller (only the D-pad and the standard buttons depress).

Memory card 🙂 Does absolutely nothing…. but hey, at least they included it. 🙂

There was also a limited edition red T-shirt with the box art printed on it for those who preordered in Japan.

Forget the Combiner Wars, it’s time for the CONSOLE WARS!!

Playstation Prime is lighter than Mega Drive Megatron. (108 vs 133 Grams).

Overall, the concept was OK, but the toys are a bit floppy and hard to stand up properly. They could’ve been done way better IMHO.


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