Transformers Power of the Primes Amazon Exclusive Punch-Counterpunch

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Transformers Power of the Primes Amazon Exclusive Punch-Counterpunch

With his fellow Amazon Exclusive wave mates, the sides of the packaging forms a full image. Nicely done Hasbro.

Prima Prime

The first Transformer created by Primus. We also get Prima as one of the Primes included with the SDCC 2018 Optimal Optimus.

For a full list of abilities granted by each Prime to their partner:

Autobot Punch

Officially an Autobot, Punch is the only Transformer that has a dual robot mode. He uses his second mode to infiltrate the Decepticon ranks and gather intel for the Autobots.

Prime Armor

Punch comes with a pistol. It’s a shame he shares the same weapon with his Decepticon mode, in the original G1 toy, each mode had their respective weapons (Twin Mortar Launcher and Photon Cannon).


Punch’s “secret identity”, which he uses to spy on the Decepticons. Counterpunch is more brutal and violent compared to his Autobot mode. In the G1 bios, his photon rifle short circuits his enemies, but in actuality, the Autobots are fitted with dampeners which negate the effects of his gun while maintaining Punch’s cover.

Prime Armor

Vehicle mode

Weapon can be stored underneath.

Prime armor on vehicle mode.

As a kid, this guy was super high on my want list. I loved the colors and the concept of a spy working for the Autobots. I am so happy to have this guy (in an all new mold to boot) in my collection, I got two, one for each mode! They really did an outstanding job with this figure.


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