Transformers Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimal Optimus

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Transformers Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimal Optimus

Ahh… it’s good to see Optimus Primal back. He was the only reason I actually ever sat down to watch Beast Wars.

I am a bit confused as how to really equip his blast shields. In his first appearance in the old Beast Wars cartoon, the shields are mounted on his shoulders, but later on, they become part of his forearms. Go figure.

He carries a Matrix of Leadership this time.

The “core” of the Matrix can be removed to replace with a Primemaster.

Guns plug into the holes in his thumbs.

His guns also plug into his chest, a homage to the original toy.

Heh.. the backpack mode isn’t really something I was expecting of Primal, I thought he would be more of a core figure, like Rodimus and Optimus.

It’s a shame Primal can’t change into his regular monkey mode, here, he only transforms into a hoverboard.

Hoverboard mode.

Beast mode

The gap is pretty obvious here, but I guess it is what it is.

While in beast mode, his guns can be mounted on his legs.

Hoverboard go!

When the hoverboard is not in use, it hangs back like a backpack.

Jet mode

At the end of the Prime Wars saga, Optimal Optimus is chosen as the new bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, taking his proper place official as one of the Autobot Commanders.


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