Transformers Power of the Primes Leader Class Rodimus Prime

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Transformers Power of the Primes Leader Class Rodimus Prime

Finally! We finally get a proper Leader Class Rodimus Prime for the CHUGS series Transformers. Up until now, all we got were Deluxe Class repaints of Hot Rod, with the exception of the TF Cloud Rodimus Prime/Springer redeco.

Rodimus Prime is big and chunky, he looks good and I actually prefer this figure over the official Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (Takara should really redo that figure).

The downside with this figure is that it is a bit hard to unsee the upside down Hot Rod legs in the shoulders. I guess it will take some getting used to.

He also comes with his own “Matrix” of Leadership. But it looks REALLY awkward to get to it (you have flip up Hot Rod??) I wish there was an opening chest panel instead.

Unlike Orion Pax, there’s no eject button for Hot Rod here, you just pull him out of the torso.

Ok, hands down, the best Hot Rod in the CHUGS line for me right here, I actually like Hot Rod more than Rodimus Prime mode in this toy. I just wish the colors were done a la Takara to make it movie colors accurate. Sigh.

Hot Rod stands roughly 6.25″ tall, which means he’s bigger than most Deluxe Class figures.

Rodimus Prime’s rifle can be taken apart to form Hot Rod’s guns.

For me, the Rodimus Prime vehicle mode isn’t that great. I wish the improved the designs in some areas (the hands are sticking out) and the locks for snagging onto Hot Rod aren’t really tabbing in that well for me.

Rodimus is shorter than Optimus in vehicle form.

Overall I love it, it’s nice to finally have a Leader Class Rodimus Prime. Now to hope they make a Leader Class Galvatron later on.


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