Transformers Power of the Primes Voyager Class Grimlock

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Transformers Power of the Primes Voyager Class Grimlock

Gosh, I can remember wanting the Dinobots to appear in the CHUGS line since way back when this whole thing started. Now that we finally have the team in this series, it all feels too underwhelming. I really wish Grimlock was Leader Class and the Dinobots were at least Voyager Class. C’mon Hasbro….

Grimlock also comes based on his G1 toy colors (red eyes?) Sigh… I really wish Hasbro let Takara continue making proper versions of Transformers.

Grimlock also does not come with any of his traditional weapons, no rifle, no missile launcher, no sword. Instead he comes with Volcanicus’ feet (Prime Armor), which can now be used as… melee weapons?

Also included is a “Dinobot Enigma” piece. I guess it’s to explain how the Dinobots can suddenly combine now. The Dinobot Enigma is a variation of the Enigma of Combination. Each mold for the Enigma is unique (with the exception of Inferno who shares the same Enigma as Hun-gurrr), no fictional details yet on what powers each Enigma grants per combiner, if any.

I was pleasantly surprised how they executed the transformation for Grimlock here. It’s like an updated version of his G1 transformation. lots of nostalgia right there.

The Prime Armor can also be attached to his feet in Dino mode.

Grimlock forms the torso of Volcanicus.


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