Transformers Prime Collection

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Transformers Prime Collection
–Revealers Bumblebee
–Revealers Cliffjumper
–Revealers Wheeljack
–Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen
–Powerizer Soundwave
–Powerizer Starscream
–Powerizer Skyquake
–Powerizer Dreawing
–Revealers Knockout
–Revealers Airachnid
–Revealers Vehicon
–Revealers Arcee
–Powerizer Bulkhead
–Powerizer Ultra Magnus
–Smokescreen (Takara Am-26)
–Soundwave (Takara Am-09)
–Breakdown (Takara Am-12)
–Beast Hunters Powerizer Class Darksteel
–Beast Hunters Revealers Class Skylynx

–Transformers Prime Legends Class Smokescreen

I recently watched the entire season 2 of Transformers Prime and I gotta say, the stories are way better than season 1, plus the kids aren’t as annoying anymore. So I decided to hunt down the figures, it wasn’t too hard since they restocked (with the exception of Soundwave and Breakdown). Plus the cast is somewhat limited so it’s not too hard to complete. I’m still undecided if I want to open these as I’m not really feeling the Beast Hunters theme.

Big thanks to Comicsyndrome over at Ebay Ph for the great deal on Breakdown.

For the unfamiliar, Hasbro changed their classification of figures in this line.. Instead of the usual Deluxe and Voyager classifications, the Deluxes are now Revealers, while the Voyagers are now Powerizers. Go figure…

Revealers Bumblebee

Revealers Cliffjumper

Revealers Wheeljack

Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen

Powerizer Soundwave

From the reviews I’ve seen, the Hasbro version seems better, as the Takara version had so additional many holes for the Arms Micron gimmick, it seems off.

Powerizer Starscream

Powerizer Skyquake

Powerizer Dreadwing

Revealers Knockout

Revealers Airachnid

Revealers Vehicon

Decided to army build some Vehicons since they are numerous in the show.

Revealers Arcee

Powerizer Bulkhead

Powerizer Ultra Magnus

I wasn’t too impressed with Ultra Magnus in the show, he hardly did anything except for becoming a teaser headline for the opening of the final season

Smokescreen (Takara Am-26)

Soundwave (Takara Am-09)

Breakdown (Takara Am-12)

Beast Hunters Powerizer Class Darksteel

Beast Hunters Revealers Class Skylynx

Darksteel is a repaint of Grimwing, while Skylynx is a repaint of Skystalker. Both Darksteel and Skylynx appeared in the series finale movie “Predacons Rising”.

Transformers Prime Legends Class Smokescreen


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