Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron

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Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron

I’m not exactly sure what his vehicle form is supposed to be (a ship?) but I guess the designers had to work with what they had.. Unicron doesn’t transform into anything in the series IIRC.

Volcano face mode??

The halves of his forearm can combine to form a larger forearm..

Arms Micron M-26 Bogu

Transforms into this little pick thingy…

With Optimus and Megatron

Combination armor mode.


Yeah…. this doesn’t really work well with Megs.


The armor fits slightly better with Optimus, but it still looks terrible, not to mention it severely limits articulation and looks like a prison rather than an armor. To my knowledge, this mode did not appear in the show.

I suggest only getting the toy for Unicron, as is, not for the armor, definitely not for the weird-looking ship mode. I think this may well be my worst Transformers toy purchase for the year, value-for-money wise.


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