Transformers Robot Enhanced Design (R.E.D.) Megatron

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Transformers Robot Enhanced Design (R.E.D.) Megatron

The lord of destruction and leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is cold, ruthless and near unstoppable! He only desires power, the power to rule over the galaxy as a tyrant, crushing all in his path.

Since this is Hasbro’s new “Robot Enhanced Design” line, which focuses more on articulation as a full action figure and less on gimmicks, the figures in this line all do NOT transform. I guess it’s more of homage to the old Action Masters line?

Like the rest of the line, Megatron stands roughly 6 inches tall.

While Megatron has a waist swivel, the way the faux gun muzzle on Megatron’s back is designed, it gets in the way of the rotation of the waist joint…. what?

Also, for some reason, Hasbro decided to give this guy an ab crunch joint (Prime doesn’t have one), it’s not a bad idea, but somehow, the execution falls flat, thanks to the waist swivel being impeded, he doesn’t really have any decent way to make good use of this joint, short of holding a “being kicked away” or “punched in the gut” pose?

Megatron’s color isn’t quite uniform, his head and shoulders are a little more off white, while his chest more white? Sigh… that’s the problem with relying on unpainted plastic. It’s not quite apparent in my pics, but it’s a lot more obvious in person.

Alternate “pointing” left hand.

The set comes with a character specific backdrop diorama.

Megatron comes with an Energon Cube accessory. Unfortunately, it’s sculpted with a left hand permanently affixed to it. Weird design choice there, Hasbro.

Lastly, he comes with his Energon mace.

Thanks to the props, you can recreate the famous “Prime vs. Megatron atop of Sherman Dam” battle from the second episode of “More than Meets the Eye”.

Overall, not too shabby. I enjoyed this figure more than Prime, thanks to the better sculpts and more defined details on the figure’s eyes and overall look. I do worry about the mismatched colors a bit on the figure (some pieces seem a bit more yellow than the rest), hopefully it’s not a sign of yellowing plastic down the road?

I most likely won’t jump “all in” into the line and just grab Prime and Megatron, since the line seems to be a mixed bag now with non-G1 character designs included into the mix (TF Prime Arcee?), plus the scale seems really ruined thanks to the inclusion of a Bumblebee figure that’s as big as Starscream?? Tsk tsk… Why you do this Hasbro? Why?


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